Desperately Seeking Stylist

This is how I will have to go everywhere if I don't get a new hair stylist soon!

This is how I will have to go everywhere if I don’t get a new hair stylist soon!

So maybe I’m dating myself with the “Desperately Seeking Susan” movie reference but I’m a big Madonna fan so I couldn’t resist.  I am very sad to report that my hair stylist has an opportunity do something major for her career which means she has to close down her salon immediately, allowing her to travel all over the country sharing her wisdom.  Well, I guess it’s good for her but very sad news for me.

If you’ve never had to change stylists or had a really awesome stylist to begin with, you may think I’m being a bit dramatic.  However, if you’ve ever been in my shoes,  you understand what a critical situation this is.  To add to my duress I am also in need of a root touch up, and am going to be forced to start wearing hats everywhere if I don’t get in somewhere soon.  However, this process can NOT be rushed.  I cannot just go anywhere.  Selecting the wrong stylist can have severe consequences.

What could be so severe you ask? I’ll tell you, but first a short disclaimer – I don’t mind paying more for quality hair color that lasts and a good quality haircut.  I don’t care if I go to a man or a woman, old or young, short or tall, etc.  That being said, what I do have a problem with, is spending over $100 and getting color that washes out in two weeks and an uneven trim or a dated hair style.   And trust me…I’ve had it all over the past 36 years.  I’ve had yellow hair, striped hair, purple hair, an accidental mullet (no joke!), super short, somewhat long, and everything in between.  I’ve also had some really awesome stylists who were professional and took their careers very seriously.  They set the bar high, and now I’m afraid I am a bit spoiled.

How can I find an amazing stylist, like those I’ve been fortunate to find in the past, while avoiding those scary ones that send you out of the salon looking like My Little Pony after an all night Pony Rave Party?  I have no choice, but to create this sort of classified ad.  I need a new hair stylist, but not just anyone will do. I’m looking for someone special and I am very serious.

Recently Orphaned Client Seeks Rock Star Stylist

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1.  Seeking someone skilled in the art of hair color using quality color products that are good to the planet and also good to my hair.

2.  Seeking someone who will not double and triple book other clients at the same time as my appointment.  NOTE – I understand the need the multi-task, I get it.(see number 3 below)  But from a client perspective, I wanted to be your priority when I’m there.  If you have to sneak in a quick hair cut while my color is processing occasionally that’s fine.  Regular triple bookers need not apply.

3.  Someone who is friendly but won’t get offended if I’d like to use the 2-3 hours I’m in their chair to catch up on whatever book I happen to be reading, corresponding with my clients via email, or updating my blog even.  🙂  Look, I swear I’m a perfectly nice person, but sometimes I really just want to use that time to be productive….or be silent.  

4.  Must be passionate about Continuing Ed (CE).  Solid understanding of recent hair style/cutting trends and ability to execute them well is desired.  I like to switch up my style just a little bit every couple of appointments – I am an Aries…we get bored, what can I say?  I don’t want to walk out with a mohawk or anything…just something modern and fun that reflects my personal style.  Yes, I do believe a hair “stylist” can help me with that.

5.  No need to be rigid, but please be a little professional – I would rather you not belch in my face, joke about passing gas, wear stained t-shirts that show your belly through the worn out holes, or brag about how you just crawled out of bed and came to work today with bed head. (YES I’ve experienced all of these…really!) I like to have fun and applaud unique personal style.  But if you are selling your ability to do hair, you should probably be sure that your own hair looks like you might have combed it within the past week.  

6.  Must be HONEST.  This is the most important requirement.  If I ask you for a specific color or style and you know it’s going to look terrible, tell me.  Really…we all need someone to edit us every now and then and keep us from making mistakes.  If I ask for a new color/highlight combo and you’ve seen it but never attempted it…tell me.  

If you or someone you know would be interested in starting a client/stylist relationship with me, please comment below.  I’m a good tipper, regular booker, and love to refer my friends and family when I’m happy!

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