Thank You Note to Facebook

(the number of actual friends who can celebrate your birthday)

When you hear people talking about Facebook, what do they say?  Are they talking about the latest ungrateful teen that used Facebook to complain about their parents?  And how those parents then posted a video of them shooting up their teen’s laptop?  We’ve all heard the stories of Facebook being used for time wasting, bullying, stalking, and a number of other unpleasant things.   But I had a rather pleasant experience with Facebook recently, and I felt it was time that someone shared their thoughts on the lighter more pleasant side of this social media monster.  These are just a few of the ways that Facebook has positively influenced my life.

1. Facebook has helped my sister get the support and encouragement she needs to lose weight.  You see in the past she’s had some success with weight loss but was unable to sustain it.  This time she has FB friends encouraging her.  People she hasn’t actually seen in years take the time to offer her words of support and give her motivation to keep going.  She started her own Facebook Group page now she is even writing her own blog.  Facebook has given her the supportive community she needs, and most importantly, it’s given her confidence.  Now she actually WANTS to put a picture of herself on Facebook!

2.  Facebook has allowed me to pursue my desire to become a photographer and own my own business.  Before Facebook there was no way for people like myself to market their business without paying a good deal of money for it.  It’s also allowed me to build a community of fellow photographers to learn from and share my knowledge with.

3.  Facebook has reintroduced me to old friends from high school.  One in particular lived just a few miles from me for years and I never knew it.  Without the magic of FB we may have never had the opportunity to start our friendship over.  It has grown into a really fantastic and important relationship and I’m grateful for that.

4.  My family lives in various parts of the United States, and we unfortunately only see each other at major life events like weddings and funerals. Facebook lets me know what is going on with my uncles, aunts, and cousins that I haven’t seen in years. Instead of drifting apart, it’s keeping us close.

5.  On my birthday over 100 people wished me happy birthday!  Now…call me self centered, but I like that feeling!   There’s no way I would have gotten that many birthday wishes had I not had such a great community of online friends.

I have to imagine that anyone reading this post, has at least 1 other example of the awesomeness of Facebook.  If you do, feel free to share it below.  And…if you want to call me a nerd or a loser because my friends are on Facebook…then go ahead.  I’d rather have 200 Facebook friends supporting me, making me laugh, and sharing their lives with me; than to have 1 friend who thinks their too cool.  

Thanks Friends!



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